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You are reading my blog. This is a space for me to concentrate my thoughts on interactive factual narratives: new projects that I have seen, events I have been to, interviews with authors, thoughts on future trends or just ideas and questions…

You might used to follow me on www.interactivedocumentary.net. That was the website I set up in 2009 to document my process while doing a PhD about interactive documentaries at Goldsmiths. So why changing blog? Well… I finished my PhD!! And that website was really tailor-made to document my student efforts. So when I finished the PhD I really had two solutions: keep the blog URL, but change the content and structure (which would have been a shame for all the people that have been, and still are, referencing that website), or freeze interactivedocumentary.net and open a new blog, with a new design and a fresh angle. I went for the second option: interactivedocumentary.net is now closed, but still accessible, and interactivefactual.net is where I will blog from now on (I am also very active on i-Docs.org, so have a look there too!).

So why going from “interactive documentary” to “interactive FACTUAL”? And what is the difference?

Well… the way I see it, there is NO difference… but I have noticed that most people get confused by the word i-doc (interactive documentary). The fact of including the word “documentary” comes with a cultural baggage, and people automatically assume that an i-doc needs to have a strong narrative arch, an authorial point of view and lots of video. Now… this might not be the case at all! Actually, the most interesting i-docs I can think of are participatory, often open to change and sometimes use no video at all. The way I see it games for change, online journalism, factual mobile apps, interactive educational narratives and  webdocs are all part of the large family of i-docs, but I have noticed that the moment one mentions “documentary” our brains seem to close and stick to our cultural assumptions.

This is why I decided to call this blog “interactive factual”. I hope this terminology is clearer, or simply more inclusive. The definition that I had coined for the word “i-doc” (“any project that starts with an intention to document the ‘real’ and that does so by using digital interactive technology can be considered an i-doc“) is still valid, but now I would say that it is an “interactive factual narrative” (or an IF narrative, which I think is a nice way to get out of the single author paradigm!).

So welcome to interactivenarratives.net! Feel free to comment and participate: this is a space of dialogue, use it!

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