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!F Lab episode 1: StoryBooster

17 May

When stories go interactive it is not only the story that gets fragmented, but the whole production process that needs to accept a new redistribution of roles and creative responsibilities. We now have to include some crucial new players: the designers, the creative technologists, the coders, of course, but also the users – which are now active […]

Fort McMoney: an interview with David Dufresne

27 Nov

As Fort McMoney has officially launched on the 25th at IDFA, I decided to ask a few questions to its director David Dufresne (previously known for Prison Valley) about the most talked about docu-game of the year! Fort McMoney speaks of the environmental issues behind the oil industry through the language of a collaborative docu-game – an ambitious […]

London’s new Interactive Factual Narrative meetup!

13 Nov

London’s first Interactive Factual Narrative meetup took place yesterday night at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (great name for a meetup location, no?). We where about 25 people, coming from all sorts of backgrounds (journalists, anthropologists, designers, sound editors, filmmakers, television producers, UX, artists…. it was refreshingly varied!) and all curious about how to bring […]

MozFest: should you go?

17 Oct

MozFest 2013 is back in London (Ravensbourne) on the 25th-27th of October. Why should we care? I used to think this was a place for coders only. I was wrong. Or maybe what was wrong was to think that the clear distinctions between coder and non-coder was a way to position ourselves in the professional […]