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The i-doc as a relational object

23 Dec

Highrise – multiple bridges into the layers of reality What are i-docs, and why are they more than just documentaries done with digital technologies? You will find all sort of new terminologies that can fit into the i-docs family: webdos, docu-games, collab docs, transmedia docs, cross-media docs… or just interactive documentaries. This can seem all […]

When documentary space becomes a whole city

22 Dec

Most people would agree with the idea that digital media has totally changed the way we produce, distribute and view documentaries. It is easy to see how digital cameras, digital edit suites and online distribution have become the norm in the documentary world, it is harder to see how much new media has infiltrating the […]

When reality gets “augmented” as opposed to complex

22 Dec

As I am marking my MA student’s dissertations, I am noticing that a lot of them are very excited about the Augmented Reality apps that they can now download on the mobile phones. While they use them to socialize in real space, and find the new local hip bar, I am starting to think that […]