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Do we need an i-doc sourcebook?

25 Apr

If you have worked in film/tv production you will know that the industry sourcebook is your bible: this is the place you go to to find where to hire your equipment, what is the date of the next film festival and how to get to the freelancers you need in your team. Now… this does not exist in […]

Karim Ben Khelifa on VR, empathy and how to deal with the enemy within us

22 Mar

VR and 360 video projects have dominated the festival landscape this year, and small and big players want to catch the train while they can. Similar to the effect of The arrival of a train at La Ciotat (1895), the illusion of “being there” is associated with a wave of enthusiasm. Immersion and empathy are the new keywords, […]

Aron Pilhofer: User Centered Design in the newsroom

18 Nov

  Aron Pilhofer is the newly appointed executive director of digital for The Guardian newspaper (see my article on about his vision for Guardian Visuals). Before coming to the UK, Pilhofer was the New York Times’ associate managing editor for digital strategy. He is the guy that commissioned Snow Fall (proving the world that […]

An interview with Lance Weiler

23 Sep

The first chapter of the UX Series was dedicated to open up a debate on whether we should, or should not, use design thinking / UX / agile development / minimum viable product (etc…) methodologies while developing interactive documentaries. Over all creatives seemed to say “yes, of course” but did not really know how, or to which […]