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Who is the user? User experience design in i-docs

14 Feb

Our previous question in the UX Series was: what is purpose in an i-doc? Purpose is important because it encapsulate, hopefully in one sentence, the shift that we want the user to have while going through our interactive experience. Purpose is NOT our own reason to produce a story, but rather the effect we want […]

What is “purpose” in an i-doc?

3 Feb

  Question 3 in the UX Series is: What is purpose in an i-doc and how can we communicate it? When you design a website you normally start by stating your goal and your product management strategy. You often have a core message, and you then make sure that the whole experience is smooth enough so […]

The UX Series, question 2: what can we learn from game design?

17 Jan

Two weeks have passed since Paula Zuccotti, Ingrid Kopp and Jason Brush opened the debate on “what can we learn from design thinking that could be useful when starting an i-doc production”. By looking at their contributions, I am noticing four salient points: 1 – design thinking is not about giving authorship to the user, […]

The UX Series is launching today!

7 Jan

Have you ever wondered how to best design the user experience in an interactive documentary? Have you struggled to find the right balance between design methodologies and good narrative? This is what the UX Series is all about: an investigation on how to approach and place UX in the i-doc production process. Now that i-docs are […]