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Aron Pilhofer: User Centered Design in the newsroom

18 Nov

  Aron Pilhofer is the newly appointed executive director of digital for The Guardian newspaper (see my article on about his vision for Guardian Visuals). Before coming to the UK, Pilhofer was the New York Times’ associate managing editor for digital strategy. He is the guy that commissioned Snow Fall (proving the world that […]

Can we measure the impact of an i-doc?

17 Mar

The last question of the UX Series is the one million dollars question: how do we understand impact in an i-doc? What is the timeframe we should consider in the evaluation? Is it about the number of people exposed to our message? Is it about telling others about our documentary and issue? It is about changing […]

The role of the interface in an i-doc

9 Mar

“The interface is content” says Alexandre Brachet from Upian. What does this mean? The interface is no just a way to navigate through content, it is a way to place the user within a story space, and by doing so it gives roles, it explains the possibilities, it generates feelings in the users… and it […]

Testing in i-doc production: what, when and how?

3 Mar

Question 5, in the UX Series, wants to address the practicalities of testing in i-doc production. Is rapid prototyping possible in interactive narratives and can we test from day one our ideas and design? In a Web world where everybody preaches agile design and iterative methodologies it is difficult to think that interactive narratives should […]