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The Learn Do Share (London) experience

10 Sep

Have you ever observed kids playing with lego blocks? Sometimes they start with an idea (I want to build the tallest possible tower), sometimes they invent a story (I am a princess that is getting lost in an enchanted world) and use the blocks as props to visualise the world they want to create, and […]

London’s new Interactive Factual Narrative meetup!

13 Nov

London’s first Interactive Factual Narrative meetup took place yesterday night at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (great name for a meetup location, no?). We where about 25 people, coming from all sorts of backgrounds (journalists, anthropologists, designers, sound editors, filmmakers, television producers, UX, artists…. it was refreshingly varied!) and all curious about how to bring […]

brainstorming for “purpose”

8 Oct

I have just spent some time with Chaka Films brainstorming on the purpose of their current i-docs project: Quipu. Quipu is one of REACT’s Future of Documentary Sandbox projects, they have started research and pre-production and they are now defining their interactive proposition: what will the website look like? which function should it cover? what […]

ESoDoc and the art of pitching

25 Sep

I am honored to having been invited to be part of ESoDoc’s documentary pitch, in Bardoneccia (Italy), this September. Honored because in the past years it is Kat Cizek and/or Mark Atkins that took that role, and I am well aware that it is difficult to replace them… the stakes were high! ESoDoc (Europen Social […]