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!F Lab – Interactive Factual Lab – is a Creative Europe training programme for digital storytellers that I have initiated with Belgian company iDrops, in 2015. The idea is to help creators to go from story to prototype by using a methodology of production that mixes design, software and storytelling praxis. Check out our current programme and locations.



What is !F Lab?

!F Lab  is a series of three events designed to guide storytellers and digital makers through a production process for interactive factual narratives. Consisting of inspiring tutorials, hands-on workshops and professional mentorship, over six months participants will develop their idea into a working prototype and create finance and marketing plans to take their project onward.

StoryBooster group pitching & Fil 2016    IFlab mentoring photo 10.05.15   IFlab 10.05.15 group photo


!F Lab’s structure

!F Lab is devised in 3 workshops of 4 days, each one catering for a specific part of the interactive production process:

1. Story Booster – work on your What, Why, How: Idea generation, target audience, value porposition, impact map & initial user journey.

2. Design & Business Booster – work on your interactive design & business proposition: wireframing, sketching, interactive structure, initial prototyping, partnership & business strategy.

3. Prototype Booster – work on your interactive prototype: get some coding basics, be part of a two days prototype hack with other coders and designers & pitch in front of a professional journey.

StoryBooster & Erika 2016 n2    12239441_10153748855807431_6913121555538913580_o    11934563_10153606320771528_1832499080532006827_o


!F Lab’s team

A dedicated team of four coaches is present at each workshop, representing all the skills needed in each team (storytelling, design, business & coding). This ensures continuity and trust within the particants and the coaches. Additional guest speakers are added in each workshop depend on the needs.

During !F Lab 2016 the coaches were:

  • Mike Robbins, Creative Technologist and Partner at Helios Design Labs (Canada & Germany).
  • Erika Grijalva, multidisciplinary UX Designer at the Harmony Institute (USA)
  • Filip Fastenaekels, Mediaproducer for the Flemish Public Radio and Television Broadcaster (VRT), BBC, ZDF, NOS and NRK.
  • Sandra Gaudenzi, i-Docs co-director & Associate Lecturer at the University of Westminster (UK).

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