Q2: game design

Question 2:  What can we learn from game design?

Answered by Daniel Burwen – Creative Director, Cognito Comics

Why Daniel Burwen?

Daniel Burwen has over 10 years experience working across a variety of creative industries from design to console games (EA Games, Activision), and interactive media (Walt Disney Imagineering). His passion for games makes him seek immersion for the user through game and narrative mechanics – a subject he is very fond of. As Creative Director of Cognito Comics, Daniel has produced CIA : Operation Ajax, an award winning 210page interactive graphic novel for the iPad and iPhone. Through this experience Daniel has started a reflection on how game mechanism can be useful in interactive storytelling. This is why I have chosen him to open the debate.

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Hangout n.1:

I invited David Dufresne, Director of Fort McMoney and Prison Valley, to comment on Daniel Burwen’s point of view.

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