Q4: the user

Question 4:  The user: who do we design for and how to design an emotional journey?

Answered by Jamie Balliu,  UX, UI & Creative technologist.

Why Jamie Balliu?

Jamie Balliu has done it all: designer, user interface designer (UI), user experience designer (UX), video producer, creative director… in short: he is a “creative technologists”, someone who has both creative and technical skills. I choose Jamie because his  recent project,  the Brussels Business (ARTE & ZDF), gives him an edge – as he knows what it means to conceive an i-doc. So I thought that Jamie would be a creative technologist with a special twist that makes him perfect for the UX Series…


DIG DEEPER (links related to Jamie’s answer):

2:58 –  The emotional map of the user journey

03.27 –  The minimum viable product (MVP) – Download (and use!) Jamie’s MVP work sheet, or read Wikipedia’s definition of the term.

04.14: The Brussels Business



Hangout n.1:

I invited Miranda Mulligan, Executive director – Northwestern University Knight Lab,  to comment on Jamie Balliu’s point of view.

The Northwestern University Knight Lab is a team of technologists, journalists, designers and educators working to advance news media innovation through exploration and experimentation. Miranda spends a good amount of her time training storytellers and journalists to think about their digital users/readers…

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