Q5: testing

Question 5: Rapid prototyping and testing: what to test for, and when, in i-doc production?

Answered by Isaac Pinnock, co-founder Made by Many.

Why Isaac Pinnock?

Isaac Pinnock is a very talented and inspiring user experience specialist. At the core of the company that he co-founded, Made by Many, is the firm belief that  test driven design is integral to the success of great products and services delivered over web, mobile and connected devices. Over the years they have developed their own ways to do iterative testing, and I wanted to know more about it to question if we could use their methodologies in i-doc production…




Hangout n.1:

I invited Mike Robbins, from Helios Design Lab, to comment on Isaac Pinnock’s point of view.

Helios Design Lab is the development company behind Kat Cisek’s Highrise. They have a huge amount of expertise in the field and they are behind NFB’s  most talked about interactive project! If they do not know how to test, then who does? Well… this very interesting hangout allowed me to appreciate how much testing i-docs is a learning process…

DIG DEEPER (links related to Mike’s answer):

0.44 Helios Design Lab
2.50 Highrise
4.50 One Millionth Tower

13.53 Out My Window

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