Q6: the interface

Question 6: The interface: what is its role in an i-doc?

Answered by Gavin O’Carroll, Creative Digital Designer

Why Gavin O’Carroll?

Gavin O’Carroll has an extensive experience in User Experience, User Interface Design and User Experience Architecture. He recently worked as a senior user experience designer for the redesign of Sky.com. But Gavin also has a past in theater and his passion for storytelling makes him question how to apply narrative structure to online experiences.




Hangout n.1:

I invited Bjarke Myrthu, to comment on Gavin O’Carroll’s point of view.

Bjarke is an interactive storyteller, an entrepreneur, a producer and a journalist. Back in 2002 he was already experimenting with interactive documentary with The Enemy Within. He then co-foundede Magnum in Motion and started Storyplanet. His latest adventure is to be CEO at Blindspot App. His mission is to make storytelling and journalism more playful, and to find new intuitive ways to connect with digital stories. It is because of his constant research for better interfaces that I invited him to respond to question 6….



DIG DEEPER (links related to Bjarke’s answer):

1.09 Magnum in Motion
1.18 Storyplanet
1.30 Blindspot app

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