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Digital religions: MozFest and the “let’s make it” paradigm

31 Oct

    I think I know now why it took me three years to feel at ease at Mozfest. It is not because I am not a coder, it is because it exemplifies a paradigm shift. The fundamental attitude in an academic conference is “sit and listen”, while the one at MozFest is “move and […]

MozFest: should you go?

17 Oct

MozFest 2013 is back in London (Ravensbourne) on the 25th-27th of October. Why should we care? I used to think this was a place for coders only. I was wrong. Or maybe what was wrong was to think that the clear distinctions between coder and non-coder was a way to position ourselves in the professional […]

brainstorming for “purpose”

8 Oct

I have just spent some time with Chaka Films brainstorming on the purpose of their current i-docs project: Quipu. Quipu is one of REACT’s Future of Documentary Sandbox projects, they have started research and pre-production and they are now defining their interactive proposition: what will the website look like? which function should it cover? what […]

i-docs and the art of intimacy

25 Apr

Jonathan Harris (We Feel Fine, The Whale Hunt, Cowbird, I Love your Work) will be giving a keynote at WebDox on Monday the 6th of May, in Leuven, Belgium. This is a real treat for us, i-docs lovers, as Jonathan is one of the very few people that have managed to transform “data” into a meaningful universe that […]