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brainstorming for “purpose”

8 Oct

I have just spent some time with Chaka Films brainstorming on the purpose of their current i-docs project: Quipu. Quipu is one of REACT’s Future of Documentary Sandbox projects, they have started research and pre-production and they are now defining their interactive proposition: what will the website look like? which function should it cover? what […]

ESoDoc and the art of pitching

25 Sep

I am honored to having been invited to be part of ESoDoc’s documentary pitch, in Bardoneccia (Italy), this September. Honored because in the past years it is Kat Cizek and/or Mark Atkins that took that role, and I am well aware that it is difficult to replace them… the stakes were high! ESoDoc (Europen Social […]

The i-doc as a relational object

23 Dec

Highrise – multiple bridges into the layers of reality What are i-docs, and why are they more than just documentaries done with digital technologies? You will find all sort of new terminologies that can fit into the i-docs family: webdos, docu-games, collab docs, transmedia docs, cross-media docs… or just interactive documentaries. This can seem all […]