Karim Ben Khelifa on VR, empathy and how to deal with the enemy within us

22 Mar

VR and 360 video projects have dominated the festival landscape this year, and small and big players want to catch the train while they can. Similar to the effect of The arrival of a train at La Ciotat (1895), the illusion of “being there” is associated with a wave of enthusiasm. Immersion and empathy are the new keywords, […]

The full i-Docs 2016 programme is now online!

4 Feb

If you have already been to i-Docs you know it is a unique event where i-docs makers and scholars mix with artists and digital pioneers to question, debate, get inspired and re-envent our field of interactive factual narrative. If you have NOT been to i-Docs yet, well… this is your chance to be part of […]

To VR or not to VR: this is not the question

27 Nov

I was at IDFA DocLab earlier in the week and my head is still spinning with VR experiences that showed me the limit between the so called 2D “screen media” and the 3D “immersive media”. I have to admit: I find it difficult to get my own prospective on this change of canvas. What is […]

Digital Me is more than your digital you

4 Oct

Digital Me is now live on BBC Taster. By entering it, you start a conversation with your digital alter ego in the world wide web. The entity that you have been building since you started your online social live is now somehow alive and wants to meet you. What can it tell you about yourself? Will your perception […]